We make games, and aim to change the world through interactivity. We love VR, AR and all other digital interactivity interfaces. We make other software too!


Early history

Formed in 2014 as a family partnership by J. Christian Hodges and his father A. David Hodges, Hodges Studios began as a name to put to our video game development venture. The process was long and arduous with other commitments, but the pair managed to publish a game in 2016.

After that

Hodges Studios was merged with J. Christian Hodges' freelance game development business in 2017 to encorporate both consulting and game development endeavours. Hodges Studios aims to change the world through interactive experiences.



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Selected Articles

  • [Hodges Studios are the] best programmer[s] I have worked with... [very] reliable and honest [developers]. [Hodges Studios] produces amazing results and if you ask [Hodges Studios] to be creative [they] will surprise you! 100/100
    Abraham Melgar,
  • [Hodges Studios are] brilliant freelancer[s] who [are] extremely willing to adhere to timelines and complete work in short periods of time. Respectful but also friendly.
    Rob K.,